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Open Minds Open World connects businesses and education with Sustainable Development Goals. We support or lead innovation journeys from ideas towards meaningful products and services.



Why young people and managers work together

Through our programs, children, students and professionals develop skills to achieve ambitious goals in their work and life, For companies that leads to meaningful products and services. How to be successful and how to lead with an open mind in your business and your life?

Change the way you work

Learn how resourcefulness will work for you in:

  • Business: Leadership, collaboration, innovation, change, profit, purpose,┬ácommunication and happiness at work.
  • Markets: energy, healthcare, food, knowledge & creativity, technology, mobility, environment, money & investment.

Public Speaking

Find new opportunities in your market, products & services by looking through the eyes of a child.


Learn to innovate with the 5 principles that come naturally to children and successful leaders.


Work with children or students and your management team on issues where breakthroughs are needed.


Our clients

Adriaan Wagenaar

Adriaan Wagenaar


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