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Working with children improves innovation and social enterpreneurship in business

Thinkers and Makers in your boardroom

Open Minds Open World improves the independency of thinking among children by teaching philosophy techniques. Children experience the value of their thinking by applying it for practical purposes. Open Minds Open World also improves the so called Maker Skills among children, like working with 3d-printing, programming and crafting. Children learn to turn their ideas into tangible forms like a prototype or a game.

Our role

Change Agency

Your strategic question invites the children to explore issues, concepts and ideas that are important to them and to today’s world. They come up with solutions, presented in prototypes and campaigns that can help you to implement the change.

Forward Thinkers

Listen to children as your ’voice of the future’. Learn how they deal with technology, collaboration and leadership and how they experience the value of money, work and health. What does that mean for your products and services?

Problem Solvers

Children are resourceful in the way they deal with problems. They see solutions that adults often overlook. Learn the principles of resourcefulness from the real experts.

Inspiration Support

Enrich the knowledge and experience in your company and mobilize the opposite qualities: imagination and an open mind. Children provide you with powerful solutions that are not taught in MBA programs.

Our Story

Open Minds Open World is an innovation and participation program for companies where children and management teams work together. Founded by Adriaan Wagenaar in 1996. In the Netherlands the program is known as Raad van Stuur. In every project we work together with passionate specialists in the field of education, philosophy, creative learning, theatre techniques, science & technology, program management, leadership, design and communication.

Reasons why companies work with us


Support organizational change programs


Contribute to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals


Inspiration for meaningful products and services


Facilitate internal dialogue on social business issues


Customer happiness: inspire customer with ideas that contribute to their personal values

”All the knowledge that the children brought in, is really a gift. Together we built knowledge and made a leap forward.”

Jan Kees Cappon

member Executive Board, Rijnstate hospital, Arnhem (The Netherlands)

”Adults often think too far away. We can show them that the solution is in front of them.”


10 years old

“I like computergames better than school. In a computergame you will reach the next level if you are willing to try a lot. At school you would get a F for making so many errors”.


10 years old

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Adriaan Wagenaar

Adriaan Wagenaar


“See opportunities through the eyes of a child”

Adriaan introduces you to the power of resourcefulness in your work, market and business. You can hire him for presentations and workshops to inspire your audience and train your team. Or he can help you connecting with a community of children and design a program to work together.

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