How we work

How we create new possibilities step by step


1. Preparation

Together with your team we decide in one session on the core question to ask the children.

2. Invitation

We invite a group of children from a local school, neighbourhood or community to participate in the Open Minds Open World program for about six months.

3. Sessions

After the written permission of parents we program 4 or 5 sessions in six months with the children to come together and work on the core question. During the sessions the children start an inquiry in their group and in their environment. In the sessions they will learn the practice of creative and critical thinking and the so called ’21st century skills’.

4. Implementation

During the program the children will draft their ideas into a physical form, like a prototype, product, game, story, drawing or 3d-print.

5. Presentation

In the final session the children will present their findings to the management team and discuss it in a dialogue.

6. Documentation

The outcomes will be reported in an e-book or an additional video.

How we collect the outcomes for you

The outcomes of the Open Minds Open World program will be documented after the final presentation. Most of our clients appreciate the combination of concrete materials, supported by an (e)book or a video documentary.

Ideas captured in prototypes, games, stories, drawings and other media

Book or ebook

Video documentary for inspiration purposes

Interested in exploring new possibilities with us?

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