What if banks would exchange our values instead of money?

Children on life and work in the circular economy

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The Challenge

What solutions do children see for the key issues that we deal with in our economy: work, money, living, healthcare, waste and polution, food, international relationships and enterpreneurship? The Dutch government presents its annual plans at the second Tuesday of September. We mobilized 40 children (10 – 12 years old) from Amsterdam to come up with solutions. The children attended two sessions in which they discussed and worked together. They presented it to a panel of decision makers from companies and government in the old Moses and Aaron Church in Amsterdam.

The Solution

Webillustratie-eboek-RvS2The outcomes were presented for a team of decision makers and an audience in the Moses and Aaron Church in Amsterdam. You can read the ebook in Dutch: www.raadvanstuur.nl. English translation will be available soon.

We Rethought Everything

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